11.02.2016 wraparound

The 2016 presidential election was turbulent to say the least. Working closely with the editor-in-chief of Street Sense Media (formerly Street Sense Newspaper) I illustrated this wrap-around cover, intended to visualize just how chaotic and politically tangled the mood was in the United States. 

I started by researching various imagery that could be associated with elections and voting. This inspired me to illustrate the knotted flag with hands struggling to cast their ballots. In an effort to further express how vital voting is to the democratic process, I designed an image that, when folded, read "Vote" on one side of the paper and "Voice" on the other.


I was surprised to discover that after this issue was printed and distributed, a local designer in the area tweeted about my design. This started a dialogue with him and he later came to volunteer his skills and time with Street Sense.

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