Over the Summer of 2021 I joined the Campus Election Engagment Project's social media team as an intern. I was hoping to gain more experience with working with tight deadlines and as part of a development team, as well as utilize some of the skills I have developed over the years but haven't had the chance to apply in some of my long term jobs. 

Specifically, I was able to use After Effects to design and animate an educational series, each week focusing on a specific amendment to the U.S. Constitution and how it affects the real world.

For this series, I felt that animation was the best tool for conveying dense, complex information, especially on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, rather than large blocks of text that can be hard to digest.

Selected Works

Bons.aiUX/UI Design

AloraUX/UI Design

Amendment SeriesAnimation

Editorial WorkVaried Mediums

Pantry Raid UI/UX Design

Animated IntrosMotion Graphics

If I’m not figuring out how something works, I’m probably in the process of getting it to work.