Where The Wild Things Are

After seeing some illustrations I had created for my Instagram account, a friend asked if I would illustrate a piece as a holiday gift for her husband. Her main request was that it be "Where the Wild Things Are" themed.

Since the request was quite broad, I did a few initial sketches to give both of us a better idea of which direction to go. One featured her son as Max from the book and her husband as one of the Wild Things. The second had both subjects dressed as Max, with Wild Things in the background. The final illustration became a combination of the two ideas.

I found a few more images online to use as reference for the final illustration. My friend and I corresponded briefly about specific elements of the illustration. She decided that I should try to match the style of the original art from the book. She liked how I kept and incorporated much of the original images I used in my Instagram illustrations and requested that I only illustrate on the two subjects and preserve the background of the original photo.


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